Making-of Midnight Songs – Ari Ann Wire

23/02/2015 - Diariofolk
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Camera/Edit: WoodenFilm Artwork: Jofre Moreno Song: My Man Voice: Ari Ann Wire Piano: Matías Muñoz Double Bass: Jorge Da Rocha Drums: Joao Vieira Trumpet: Pol Padrós Midnight Songs is Ari Ann Wire’s first LP (after her first music work in 2014, the EP Lady Lee). It is an album that traces a personal pilgramage between jazz, pop, rock and the experimental influences. Working with musicians Matías Muñoz, Joao Vieira, Jorge Da Rocha, Pol Padrós, assisted by the mastery of Dave Bianchi, she produces a distinctive interpretation of the classics of the genre. Also presented are two original songs, Midnight Flowers and Earth of the Snow, wich she composed for previous projects and the musicians transformed and integrated into the Midnight Songs universe; A place where the sounds of night and nature invade the thread of a story told through remembered songs. Arrangements: Jorge Da Rocha, Joao Vieira, Matías Muñoz, Ari Ann Wire & Dave Bianchi. Production, Post-production: Dave Bianchi. Recorded at Estudi Laietana, Jordi Vidal, December 2014 and voices by Dave Bianchi, January 2015. Barcelona, Spain. Mixed by Dave Bianchi. Mastered by Kelly Hibbert. Released February 2015. Label: Whatabout Music. Artwork: Jofre Moreno. All rights reserved. 2015.